fiona ostby illustration


This blog now has more followers than my personal blog!

Woohoo!  Thanks guys!

Today’s daily drawing: girl n liz friend
more progress on the deer!  Getting into rendering and correcting shapes
Mooore details!  Now she’s wearing a fur-lined vest!  Look at that fancy saddle pad!
…Also I just realized I forgot a girth, so uh, good luck staying on.  Something to remember for tomorrow.
Today I stopped drawing a little early because there’s a really loud thunderstorm and I keep having to calm myself down after particularly loud cracks of thunder.
Also I spent more time working on the other project :D
detailing and refining…
a bit of more work on the deer-riding elf as I work on a paid project!
Today’s daily drawing: Sailor Moon!
this is the the color rendering of Morningstar page 13! 
Morningstar is written by Pyth!
Quick cat studies for your entertainment!
black and white render for Morningstar!
Morningstar is written by Pyth