fiona ostby illustration


Today’s daily drawing: Sailor Moon!
this is the the color rendering of Morningstar page 13! 
Morningstar is written by Pyth!
Quick cat studies for your entertainment!
black and white render for Morningstar!
Morningstar is written by Pyth
In the middle of painting this gal I realized the joke I could make.
BUT!  Transparent concerned kitty!  Oh no, what could she be so worried about?
Here are some sketches from Bambi concept art!
daily drawing: Luci’s unhappy face.  I spent time on this and a commissioned project that will be viewable upon completion :3

slowly but surely!

Cats are great.  Cats rule.  

Two drawings today- one is continuing progress on Morningstar and the other is a like, minute-long drawing of Dean Winchester.. from last week