fiona ostby illustration


I promise new work is coming soon! I was bogged down with other work!

I drew a Cool Bird Friend with a backpack

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This blog now has more followers than my personal blog!

Woohoo!  Thanks guys!

Today’s daily drawing: girl n liz friend
more progress on the deer!  Getting into rendering and correcting shapes
Mooore details!  Now she’s wearing a fur-lined vest!  Look at that fancy saddle pad!
…Also I just realized I forgot a girth, so uh, good luck staying on.  Something to remember for tomorrow.
Today I stopped drawing a little early because there’s a really loud thunderstorm and I keep having to calm myself down after particularly loud cracks of thunder.
Also I spent more time working on the other project :D
detailing and refining…
a bit of more work on the deer-riding elf as I work on a paid project!
Today’s daily drawing: Sailor Moon!